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Sep 27, 2012 5:00am EDT
for leopoll's defense... if found guilty it would be the county execctive who would be exppcted ttopay up. a settlement is reached in a involving pepper-sprayed caliioonia.screaming nats nats you're looking at video fromm last november... when police used pepper spray to lear out annoccupy encampment. thh school is now offering to pay thhusandddollars each... as part of a proposed settlement. the college says the officer involved in the incident is no longer working at the uniivrsity. new scam... targeting seniors.theives arr etting their hands on personal information... like names and bank account nummers... then re-routing social security benefits o their own accounts. &ptime the social security admiinstration prepares to switth all beneficiaries to direct deposit... instead of nearly 16-hundded transport wwrkers union employees have accepted an early retirement offer... from american airlines. airlines.the airline says the "early out" offer could rrduce the nummer of furloughs needed &pdurinn itt bankruptcy pestructuring plan. &pmeenwhiie... the airline is still working on ne
Sep 26, 2012 5:30am EDT
... which it says is part of the problem.each year... the defense department spends an eetimated one-billion-dollars on obesity-related mediial pare for active duty members, theii families and veterans. f you can't get by each ans. morning ithhut your cup of joe... you're not alone. alone.according to a new survey... most professionals feel more productive at wook... when theyydrink coffee. wwrkers who drink thh most... are food preparation and service workers.also on the list are scientiits, sales reps, markeeing professionals a late night drive and a few beersslanded a ppt squirrel in trouble with its owner,,and with the law. wwrren michael admits too drinking, saturday night... aan was driviig with his pet squirrel... hen he was pulled . over.according to police reports... he told the officer.. he hadda squireel out the animal... from under he wasn't eating him, he was just crrwling around in his &presting on myyshirtshe does seem very friendly.she is. is.the man was taken to jail... and his girrfriend... showed up and took theii pet home.the ssuirrells name is ádew-weeá.. and i
Sep 28, 2012 5:00am EDT
- egough ones. and we haa ouu hands full offensiiely and defensively. we made plays when we needdd to... ed reed 5310 we wanttd to dominaae, a certain way, but is not always the case. case. the rrvens can nowwsit back and watch the refs work this weekeed, during tteirr10 day break before taking on livv in fells point,, oel dd &p3th, fox 45 morning news. 3 first on fox...a baltimore man says a mistake in courr records costs him an additional 40-days in jail. jail. last ssptember, a judge pentenced michhel sudano to 66-days in jail for two misdemeanor convictions.... courttrecords was not 60-dayss from his jail cell, sudano wrot with guards. but it took an additional 40-days before &phis records were correcteddan sudano was rellased. 3 notting i could do but write pnd nobody did and as the days - ggt longer and longerrit became obvious that nothing was going to haapen." happen." thursday orning , sudaao slapped the state with a &plawsuit alleging gross negligence and false yet to comment. the state has a string of home burglaries are under investigation in howard county, this morning. m
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3